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Covid Friendly Photo Solution

Covid Friendly Photo Solution

Just because you can’t invite all your guests to your wedding at the moment does NOT mean you can’t have them all ‘in the same room’ as you !!

We know how difficult it has been for couples who have had to make big decisions about their wedding day. Understandably a lot are now going ahead and celebrating their wedding while also following guidance.

At present (Friday 2nd October) you can only have 15 people attending your wedding however we have devised a way everyone can ‘be with you’ and pass on their best wishes.

It is hard to describe how this works so please bear with us, and it is something we haven’t really got photos to show yet as it is such a new and novel service.

But basically :

Before your Wedding Breakfast we will set up a large tv screen in the room

Guests will go to a webpage we provide you and can either raise a glass and upload a selfie, or send their best wishes in a written short message – they can even do both if they wish.

The selfies and messages will then be displayed on the large screen and a slideshow runs showing these selfies and messages

You and your guests can view the slideshow throughout your meal

Afterwards we will send you all selfies and messages to keep (printed options and photobooks also available at extra cost)

We are offering this at a fantastic price of only £195 for 2 hours use through your reception meal.

Don’t let the current restrictions prevent you having ALL your loved ones with you at your wedding !

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